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Happy holidays and what we're buying for our pup

What better time to draft our first blog post than right before the holidays! Of course, we're in the final days of holiday shopping so we thought we'd share what we're buying for our pup.


DogVenture Gear: Our pup, Faya, is (no surprise) already wearing some of her Christmas presents since we needed her to model for our holiday photo shoots. She got a new chili red traditional buckle collar and matching (obviously) convertible leash with brass hardware. She's been wearing a couple of different holiday scarves, too. I wouldn't normally put her in red since I really like for everyone that sees her to know immediately that she's a LADY (folks think she's a boy, for some reason). 

Hurrta: Poor pup was downright frigid on our recent trip to Red Rock Canyon, NV. While I packed her tummy warmer (another fav, from Voyager K-9 apparel), that just wasn't enough. So, I bought her the Summit Parka and I'm really excited about it because of the expansive sizing options. Faya apparently is a little bit awkward size-wise, with a small-ish chest but longer hound body. I was able to focus on her length when ordering the size, knowing that the waist strap can cinch down a ton, along with all of the other cinch options. 

Bark Shop: Faya may look sweet and lovey, but she is a monster when it comes to toys. Her typical approach is to begin with amputation, going for the easy appendages first like ears and noses, then proceed to legs. After that, she tackles brain and/or open-heart surgery on the plush toys. Sadly, her subjects die on the table (floor) within a few minutes. And yes, we've tried ALLLLL of the "tough" products. If it's soft, she'll kill it. So, enter Bark Shop. She has such joy dismembering her toys and Bark Shop offer inexpensive but really, really creatively designed options. Her sloth lasted for about 2 weeks, a major shocker. She'll be getting a few "disposable" toys from them so she has a few moments of medical practice. 

Spot Farms: Faya has anxiety, so it can be hard to train her outside of the house as she's not excited for typical treats. She does, though, love Spot Farms turkey jerky. When all other treats fail, she'll chow down on bits of theirs without much fuss.



What are you getting your pup for the holidays?