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About Us

Ever since adopting my rescue, Faya, I’ve been on an endless hunt for THE. PERFECT. LEASH. I’d buy a leash, then realize it was missing something. So I’d buy another leash that had that feature, but soon realized it was missing another something. Then I’d have a leash for trail running (or several!!), a leash for traveling, a leash for regular walks, and so forth. My bin of leashes became a little out of control. 

Ideally, you'd have one leash that does it all. I want a leash that I can use as a regular leash, but it converts so I can wear it across my body, has a traffic handle, and can stand up against the dirt and dust and mud we put it through on the trail. I also don’t want it to fade with time like my climbing rope leash and nylon leashes have done. During my endless hunt, my friend, Justin, casually suggested I should just have my own dog gear design business. And thus, DogVenture Gear was born. 

DogVenture Gear is inspired by my own adventure pup, Faya. She’s an Australian cattle dog x treeing Walker Coonhound x splash of collie love bug. She is by my side through it all, from hikes in Acadia National Park, rock climbs in Oregon, Kentucky, Colorado, Nevada, and West Virginia, to trail running near Baltimore. She’s also a registered therapy dog, so she’s gotta clean up nicely for her job. Our gear is also inspired by our adventure dog friends, who, like Faya, put our gear through the test before we offer it to you.