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Below is a summary of the hardware we use in our collars and leads. We predominantly use solid brass hardware, but there are a small number of exceptions. 

Brass and Nickel (Silver) Finishes

We opted for the solid brass because it doesn't rust, and that's important to us given our pup is part fish. She'll swim in the lake even when it's 40 degrees out! So, we wanted out collars to be able to stand up to the elements, but also anyone else worried about durable hardware. In contrast with brass-plated hardware, our solid brass hardware will have a much longer lifespan. Brass does naturally tarnish over time. To remove this tarnish, if desired, there are a few natural approaches including (1) mild dish soap and warm water, (2) lemon juice and salt, or (3) lemon juice and baking soda. 

Note that because of the unavoidable tarnish that forms on brass, owners of light-colored dogs might notice a slight discoloration of their dog's fur. This would be most evident from martingale chains. It will wash off with regular soap and water. If it appears on light-colored BioThane, it will also come off with the same approach. 

Our silver-looking finish is nickel-plated brass. You'll get the durability of the brass, but with a silver finish. 

Our bolt snaps, trigger snaps, standard buckles, side-release buckles, loops, slides, and screws are all made from solid brass, whether in the natural finish or nickel-plated (silver finish). Our brass Martingale chains are also solid brass.

Our silver Martingale chains are stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, strong, and is highly resistant to rust. 

Matte Black

Our matte black hardware is really fun. We weren't initially going to offer a black finish because we hate how black-plated hardware chips and looks awful in a short period of time. But then, we were able to source a very special matte black. The matte black is a highly durable plating over solid brass hardware that resists scratching. 

Our bolt snaps, trigger snaps, standard buckles, loops, slides, and D rings are made from this special scratch-resistant black coating. 

Presently, our side-release buckle collar and screws are zinc die casting with matte black. 

The black may rub off a bit on some colors of Biothane. Never fear, just a bit of soap and water will clean it right up!


We offer both trigger snaps and bolt snaps for our leads. Bolt snaps are considered by some to be stronger than trigger snaps, so they could be better suited for heavy pullers, in addition to use with front-clip harnesses. Trigger snaps, on the other hand, are less likely to have their mechanism clogged by dirt, lint, etc. 

Final Word

We have put our gear through the ringer and feel good about. Regardless, we do offer a lifetime warranty on our hardware.