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Collar sizing

Our collar sizing does overlap for buckle collars and martingale collars. Whatever you do, don't measure an existing collar since you're bound to end up with a collar that doesn't fit. 

  • Standard buckle collars and side-release buckle collars: We suggest measuring your dog's neck where the collar will sit normally and slide two fingers between the dog's neck and the measuring tape. This resulting measurement should make the collar just a bit larger than the dog's actual neck size. Then, select a collar size where the measurement is about in the middle. For example, Faya's neck measures at 16". She would want the 15-18" collar option. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string, then measure with a rigid tape or ruler. Carefully :) 
  • Martingale collars: Martingale collars will need to slide over your dog's head. You should measure both their neck where the collar will sit normally AND the widest part of your dog's head. Note that the chain can tighten about 3.5". Taking Faya as an example again, with her neck size at 16", I'd select the 15-18" option for the martingale. 
  • Slip collars: In contrast to the above which are all adjustable, slip collars are not, so measuring is key. You'll want the collar to be able to fit the widest part of a dog's head. Take two measurements, one around where the collar will sit and one around the dog's head/ears.
    • Neck measurement: measure where the collar typically sits on your dog's neck and place a finger between the neck and the tape. Make note of this length. 
    • Head measurement: determine the widest portion of your dog's head, which is typically right in front of their ears but may vary by breed. Measure around the head and jaw at this widest portion and follow the same directions above for taking this length. 
    • Add one inch to both measurements. Select the collar size from the larger of the two measurements since you want to be sure the collar slips over the dog's head. 
    • For the floofier pup, you might want to place a measuring tape around your pup's neck about how you'd like the collar to lay on top of the fur. Then, take the larger of the two measurements (the other being the head).