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DogVenture Friends

We wouldn't be where we are today without our doggie friends that have helped inspire (or even co-design!) our gear. 


You can't but help to love this boy, and he's so happy to love you back. Ford came from Texas and became the sometimes annoying younger brother to Bentley. Given the chance, he'll swim his way across any body of water, with Faya right by his side. 


Bentley is the best boy ever, and you get a whole lotta boy since he's a Great Dane x Lab mix. He regularly makes his mom laugh with his antics, like being forever cold and stealing every blanket possible when camping. 

Raya (@sweetlikesugaray)

Please stop with those ears. We can't take it. Raya lives with her mom (and new dad!) in a van not by the river but in the parking lot of a climbing gym. She is a model crag dog and will give you kisses if you don't watch out. 


Want to be one of our friends? We're always looking for brand ambassadors. Drop us a line and let us know why you'd be a good fit.